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Farm Natural Capital
Your Data, Your Value
What is your farm natural capital worth?
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Embedding the ‘Value’ of Natural Capital at the heart of Agricultural Food Production

Planning pond work?

Funding is available for ponds under Natural England's District Level Licencing (DLL) scheme. This is for Great Crested Newt conservation.

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Our Mission

To provide expert advice and tailored services to restore, protect and create healthy farming systems through environmental and natural capital protection, resource management and improved efficiency.

We achieve this through our knowledge of farming and a range of services that embrace both production and healthy ecosystem management.
We actively promote education and knowledge-sharing through best practice. We advocate a collaborative and landscape-scale approach to managing farmland. We are keen to build sustainable farming systems within a diverse range of farming practices that are both economically viable and environmentally sound.


Having The Courage To Change

Our advice aims to ‘optimise’ your whole farm system to achieve environmental goals for your farm.

Our Advice & Services will:

Reduce the barriers Simplify the bureaucratic system Provide flexible access to subsidy and grants Help navigate a sustainable pathway towards diversification Support and guide innovation and efficiency Ensure investment and protection of natural assets. Encourage participation and knowledge sharing Highlight best practice Provide access to training and workshops Ensuring farmers have access to the best information to make informed decisions Guidance for Risk, Sustainability Planning and Adaptive Farm Management

Suffolk FWAG is an independent, agri-environmental organisation dedicated to providing conservation advice for your farms. We provide a critical ‘hub’ for landowners who wish to engage and implement key environmental schemes, funds and programmes within their farming practice. We are also at the epic-centre of the new agri-environmental reform and are leading with landscape scale collaboration. We continue to provide all farms and landowners with trusted and experienced advice across a range of relevant practices. Advice is the cornerstone to any idea, scheme or initiative – Suffolk FWAG provides farmers and landowners with direct, easily accessible and understandable advice about a range of integrated Agri-Environmental options and subsidies. Currently, most farmers and land managers participate in multiple and overlapping sustainability assessment schemes required to satisfy several different stakeholders including government, certifiers and food companies. It has been estimated that worldwide there are more than 100 different on-farm sustainability assessment tools in existence. Food producers are therefore subjected to unnecessary bureaucracy, time and expense in meeting these compliance requirements. Suffolk FWAG has knowledge and experience in short-cutting and aligning appropriate schemes to individual farms. We also have access to a wide range of partners to provide meaningful ‘signposting’ where applicable.


Why Use Suffolk FWAG?

Our advice is founded on the guiding principles of healthy ecosystem management for sustainable food. We are unique in the fact that it is truly ‘farmer led’ – embracing and supporting a diverse range of farming practices within the Suffolk landscape. As such, it has evolved to become an authentic, dedicated and trusted advisory bureau.

Suffolk FWAG provides a wide range of services and advice required to encourage ownership, responsibility and accountability. We are expert administrators and processors of information and data and can readily provide advice and access to specialist funding and capital works.

We believe Environmental programs can readily sit within highly productive, innovative and competitive farmed environments.

Our advice aims to simplify the complexity of bureaucracy and regulation to achieve environmental goals for your farm.

The Team

Suffolk FWAG are a team of dedicated and experienced advisors who specialise in environmental integration within farmed landscape. Providing expert, independent and meaningful advice to the farming and the land management sector.

Chris Knock


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Anna Beams

Chief Executive Officer

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Dora Nichols

Senior Advisor

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Denise Dormer

GCN Project Manager & IT

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Ellie Bird

Environmental Farm Advisor

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Andy Brenchley

Environmental and Livestock Advisor

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Joshua Abbott

Product Business Development Manager

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Joolz Thompson

Business Development Consultant

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Sven Wrenn CEnv

Senior Environmental Farm Advisor

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