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Eastern Claylands Tree Packs

Tree Packs Are Back!

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The Woodland Trust is urging landowners to join the fight to protect the landscape from the increasing effects of ash dieback and other tree pests and diseases by once again offering fully subsidised tree packs for land owners within the Eastern Claylands. 600 of these packs are available for the 2020/2021 planting season and each contains 50 saplings, chosen from the species carefully selected to best replace trees which will be lost to disease, and strengthen the landscape against future threats (oak, hornbeam, field maple, wild cherry and crab apple).

Covering large parts of Essex and Suffolk, the Woodland Trust is working at landscape scale across the Eastern Claylands to protect, plant and restore trees and woodlands, which face a variety of pressures including climate change and tree disease.

For further details please contact Tim, Diane or Dora.

Tim Schofield Mobile: 07713 333210
Tim Schofield Email: tim.schofield@suffolkfwag.co.uk

Diane Ling Mobile: 07973 784861
Diane Ling Email: diane.ling@suffolkfwag.co.uk

Dora Nichols Mobile: 07713 333191
Dora Nichols Email: dora.nichols@suffolkfwag.co.uk

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