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Soil for Sugar Beet

Soil For Sugar Beet

Soils for Sugar Project

The project will support the participating farm businesses through 1:1 and group topic-based seminars to achieve sustainable, long term viability through: 

• Providing a financial benchmarking service delivered by the Rural Business Unit (RBU) at the University of Cambridge, using the Defra-funded Farm Business Survey.

• Providing an environmental assessment developed by Suffolk FWAG on how participants manage their Natural Capital and biodiversity across their holdings.

• Improving productivity through the better management of soils in conjunction with Philip Wright.

• Seeking to identify “best practice” for the purpose of sugar beet production in the area, with particular respect to the “Protection of Soils”.

• Developing ways of preserving Natural Capital (as a minimum), improving biodiversity, andidentifying ways of carbon counting.

• Identifying alternative opportunities and income streams.

• Identifying future revenue grant funding opportunities.

 • Providing the “Golden Ticket” for future capital grant funding.

The programme will also enable sugar beet growers across the two counties to forge even stronger links and develop new contacts, sharing valuable knowledge and expertise.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact Jamie Gwatkin on the details below or register here:-


01284 386111 or email jamie.gwatkin@virgin.net


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