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Our Three Goals

Guiding Principles for Optimised Farming

Healthy, Quality Farm Production: ‘Tomorrow’s Food’
Environmental Protection: Building Resilience
Safeguarding Natural Value: Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services

Optimising Farming Systems – Multiple Benefits

Resource rich, efficient and productive farms are dependant and founded on healthy functioning ecosystems, rich in natural capital and resilient with the ability to adapt and cope with current and future threats and challenges such as climate change, pollution, pests and diseases. These farm systems provide people with a wide range of services and benefits.

How is this achieved?

By Optimising your Whole Farm System:

Investing and safeguarding in natural capital and building resilience against climate change thereby mitigating risk.
We aim to support you towards a ‘Win-Win’ scenario through:

12 Core Principles for Optimising Environmental Farming:
Soil Health is the foundation – determines yield and pollution outputs
Water Protection
Halt Biodiversity Loss
Increase environmental complexity: Heterogeneity
Towards Biological Agriculture
Promoting Mixed Farm Systems
Circular Agriculture – locking in biomass and redundancy within the farm system
Allowing Natural Processes to shape farming – working with nature
Resource Efficiency
Precision Agriculture and Innovation
Collaboration at Landscape Scale
Adaptive Farm Planning

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