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Environmental Farming Advice & Service Provisioning


Advisory Membership

Providing supportive guidance on all matters relating to environmental and ecological aspects to the farming sector.

We are not funded. We are a non-profit organisation operating with a chargeable working structure. However, our fees reflect a personal and all-encompassing advisory service, highly competitive in comparison to land agents and private consultancy. Your membership with us ensures this long-standing, unique and valued relationship continues at a time when personal, on-the-ground advice is required most.

LETS TALK: 01728 748030

We are open to discussing any questions or exploratory thoughts you may have…


Yearly Membership: £120.00 including VAT per annum:

Download and complete our annual memberhip form here.

Providing you with telephone advice and guidance
Exclusive invitations to attend Events and Workshops
Tailored Training and Knowledge Sharing Events
Agri-environmental updates and awareness news

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