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National Hedgerow Week 2021

Talk To The Hedge

Open up to hedgerows this summer

For further details please contact Tim, Diane or Dora.

Tim Schofield Mobile: 07713 333210
Tim Schofield Email: tim.schofield@suffolkfwag.co.uk

Diane Ling Mobile: 07973 784861
Diane Ling Email: diane.ling@suffolkfwag.co.uk

Dora Nichols Mobile: 07713 333191
Dora Nichols Email: dora.nichols@suffolkfwag.co.uk


As part of National Hedgerow Week three short films have been made promoting how farmers care for their hedges. Here are the links:

Seven ways to love your hedges
The shear joy of hedges 
Hedgerows, a legacy

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