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Generic Suffolk FWAG Services

Environmental Farming Tools & Services

Suffolk FWAG Services

Our fees and associated costs reflect the ‘value’ of our experience and knowledge. Each advisor has over 20 years experience of working with farms across Suffolk with success, confidence and inspiration.
Our Services include:

• Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
Applications and amendments to your holding and scheme details on the Rural Payments System

• Greening
3 rules for Basic Payment Scheme: Ecological Focus Area (EFA), Crop Diversification and Permanent Grassland

• Cross Compliance
Checks and queries

• Crop Diversification

• Ecological Focus Areas
Calculations, measurements and management

• Soil: Dirt can save the earth
Soil, manure and nutrient laboratory testing
Soil and Nutrient Management
Soil Sampling and Analysis

We understand the importance of soil health for the productivity, sustainability and profitability of your business. The real value of laboratory analysis for assessing soil health is to provide information that can be used to inform decision making in relation to soil management.

This includes biological and chemistry samples. We build in the monitoring programme for potential farm trials and Soil Management Plans including: physical, chemical and biological indicators for soil health.

• Countryside Stewardship Schemes – Open for Applications February 2019
Pre-survey & consultation for application, maximise successful outcomes.
Higher Tier and Mid Tier – obtaining quotes for existing HLS capital works.
Simplified Offers
Management advice for pre-existing ELS and HLS schemes including ‘care and maintenance’ package or option measurement, ensuring scheme compliance and project success
Calendars and work schedules for stewardship schemes

• Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
Compliance, including an A3 risk map

• Retailer Assurance Schemes (Leaf, Red Tractor)

• FWAG Pig Wise – Environmental Best Practice

• Whole Farm Conservation Plans for Audits

• Water Management
Delivering new interventions to intercept agricultural pollution and reducing run-off into rivers

• Pollution Control & Prevention Management

• Environmental Health Checks and reports

• Care and Maintenance

• Ecological Planning Appraisals

• Habitat Species Surveys

• Woodland Management

• Grant Applications

Environmental Land Management (ELM) – Entry and participation for Tests & Trials, Pilots
Farmers will now be empowered and be able to choose how they manage the land to achieve the required outcomes towards ‘sustainable business’

• May or may not include a mixture of previous listed management aspects
• Farming System – broadly based across the land holding rather than specific management or results-based options on particular land parcels
• Basic set of requirements of whole farm plan – scope to add ‘packages’ to increase benefits
• Support and advice to manage an outcome based/results driven approach to healthy functioning farm systems
• A review of whole farm system including resource protection advice and natural capital
• Whole farm Conservation Plans
• Audits for LEAF Marque and other Assurance Schemes
• Habitat Management Plans
• Woodland Management Plans

• Facilitation
Farm Collaboration at Landscape Scale. SFWAG facilitate both funded and unfunded Farm led collaborative groups throughout the region

• Natural Capital Assessment and Evaluation
Mapping and Report

• Ecosystem Services and Multi-Stakeholder Workshops

• Field Labs – Experimental Case Study and Best Practice Working

• Innovative and Pioneering Farming
Developing new Protocols and Best Practice (Pigwise, Muckwise, Chickenwise)

Suffolk FWAG have a long history of supporting and advising innovative farming. Innovation is usually sparked by you, the farmers. Our role is to facilitate your journey – providing a comprehensive navigation route through. Often, we provide fundamental networking opportunities to share knowledge and experience.

A key outcome of innovation is developing new ‘protocols’ for best practice. Suffolk FWAG can offer considerable experience assisting and advising and establishing introductions to make things happen.

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