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Environmental Policy Plan

The Environmental Policy Plan – ‘25 Year Health & Harmony’

Public Money for Public Goods – new policy to reward farmers for doing the right thing.

‘A new Environmental land management system’ underpinned by natural capital principles will be the cornerstone of our agricultural land management policy, which puts environmental outcomes at the heart of government support. There is an emerging understanding of the ‘interdependence’ between social and environmental systems, described as ‘public money for the provision of public goods’ by the government. It is therefore vital to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems to ensure this strategy is achieved. Defra reiterates ‘This could all be achieved through support for landscape scale restoration projects, hedgerow creation and habitat management.

This includes:

• Improved Soil Health
• Improved Water Quality – buffer strips next to waterways to reduce water pollution caused by fertiliser run-off.
• Better Air Quality – reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture through encouraging the use of low emission slurry spreading equipment or supporting investment in slurry covers
• Increased Biodiversity – incentivise practices which support carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction
• Climate Change Mitigation – reduce risk from flooding and drought. Support woodlands and forestry – integrated production plans
• Enhanced beauty, heritage and engagement with the natural environment.
• World-class animal welfare
• High animal health standards
• Protection of crops, tree, plant and bee health – using natural resource more sustainably and efficiently
• Public Access to the countryside – conserve and enhance for nature-based recreation and tourism.
• Improved productivity and competitiveness
• Preservation of rural resilience and traditional farming.
• Recognise the benefits of organic production and promote nature-friendly farming.

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